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Dear visitor,

I'm glad you found the way to my website.

A website intended for women with much or little life experience, with the challenges that life entails and who really want to do something about it.

As a healer I guide women:

who have little self-confidence,
who are recovering from a disease,
who are mourning,
 in whose family is a recurring negative pattern.

Did you notice that talking alone was not enough, then I might be able to do something for you to get a grip on your life again; to come back into your power; to feel good about yourself again; to create with confidence the life that best suits your needs; to find inner peace; happiness and well-being.

You deserve to trust your own values ​​and your own growth opportunities; to follow your intuition and to express yourself creatively, and above all to be happy!


You will find the following offer on this site:

  Healing and ancestors' healing

  Mourning and soul guidance

  House healing: your house, your home


You will most likely find the offer that suits you on this website.

Whichever approach you choose, I guide you in a quiet and safe environment with respect for you as a person and for your own pace.

Quality and results are not empty promises.



In Light and Love,


Marleen Crabbé

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Marleen is top in her profession. Marleen brought insight into the importance of breathing properly. Thanks to her exercises, I managed to clear my head after a hard day's work. 'Go for Healing' is definitely recommended for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life and looks for inner peace.


I think Marleen is a wise woman and she has been a counselor, mental / spiritual coach for me lately. I have always been a sensitive person and a thinker by nature and it is very nice that Marleen can be there for you with her whole 'being'. An hour with Marleen was really 'ME-TIME' for me. When I look back at this chaotic period, I now feel much more confident, stronger, emotionally more stable and I have fewer physical complaints such as headaches and back pain. Thank you Marleen for all you have done for me! I am very grateful to you!